TFS 2010 Problem with Gated Check-in not preserving local changes.

I have set up gated check-in as well as single signout/exclusive checkout in TFS 2010. Now when my users try to run a gated check-in, the option to “Preserve my pending changes locally” cannot be checked as it is greyed out/disabled and unchecked.

I need to be able to preserve local changes so my users do not have to search for their shelveset and wrestle with unshelving changes.

It turns out that when you exclusively check out a file for edit, the TFS build service can’t unshelve or check in (commit) your changes if your local changes are preserved.

So you can either have an exclusive lock on the files or check the Preserve my pending changes locally option. You can’t do both of them.

As a workaround, I am currently looking for a way to automatically unshelve, or get latest changeset back into a users local workspace after a locked gated checkin is attempted.


4 responses to “TFS 2010 Problem with Gated Check-in not preserving local changes.

  1. I’m stuck with this problem for my team. Have you found any workarounds for this problem?


    • I have not found an automatic solution yet.

      I have educated my users to click “Ignore” on the “Gated Checkin” popup window after a successful checkin. Then they must always, always, always perform a “Get Latest Recursive” to make sure they get the checked in changes back into their local workset.

      Still looking for an automated way to do this.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I enabled multiple checkouts as our team has decided to merge any changes if more than one has checked out the file. I think it is easier this way as my team is small ( around 14). Are there any issues with multiple checkouts?

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